GUS GRACEY art Art is not what you see... is what you feel!

DM Vendimia

This painting is part of the series called “the muse and the painter” where it describes the fantasied sequence of the seduction of the muse and integrating the characters of the “anabolizadas protectoras de la virtud” that the artist used when he was in London on a wallpaper of 50 metres long attaching numerous recycled cartons. In this series he explains the fight of the trials the painter did to overcome to be able to conquer the muse and the defence of the protectors of her virtue that end up in letting both be together in life in their imaginative city of fishes.

This painting has the peculiarity that even the title says 4 women, in it only appears 3 women due to the main character of the painting being pregnant and of course, that’s the fourth non visible character. It belongs to a very short series of only six paintings “the pregnant woman” (La Mujer Embarazada)

This painting was inspired in one of the thousands of drawings the painter did in his period in London and were continued in Madrid, that was during the period the painter did not have a studio to paint and by using his mobile phone over a basic application, successfully managed to create a wonderful series of digital paintings. Painting over a tiny screen he succeeded to develop a way of synthesis to be applied in the future in far more bigger format with more delicate details once he started painting in his own studio in Madrid. Considering the painter is way too reserved to share his life experiences and mixing them into his art work.

Over 90% of his work comes from his own mind. This does not mean they do not have a reference or are not based on an image that could be used as a model in particular; the reason why this painting is different is because it has been inspired in the interpretation of a picture of Picasso in his studio in Niza, where he was dancing with his wife Jacqueline. The painter performs a true adaptation of the original image adding more details or simply by changing its order in regards to the original portrait, just to be able to create a similar but well differentiated painting due to the notorious added “Golfo”, as if the painter was showing himself in the art work adding some special value.

This painting of “his best muse ever” has been one of many paintings dedicated to “her”; possibly with Jacqueline, one of Picasso’s women, however one of the most inspirational among all women Picasso had. It is a scene that goes beyond boundaries that the painter tries to tell and has a tender even nostalgic melancholy that creates a particular strength over it. It belongs to the series “Iluminame” that all the art work has a characteristic blurred blue and the particular element of all of them, a yellow light bulb that symbolises the light that the muse uses to light her own imagination.

1. the anabolized protectors of the muse’s virtue.
las anabolizadas protectoras de la virtud de la musa.
2. “4 women of a family”.
4 mujeres de una familia.
3. The “Metro” Reader.
el lector del metro
4. Golfo, Picasso and his muse.
Golfo, Picasso y su musa.
5. enlight me. Enjoy the silence .
ilumíname. Enjoy the silence.
PG Vendimia